Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson is a bright and friendly young girl, age 20, who is always eager to help her friends.
She is an avid student of astronomy, and her passion for the subject is evident in her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge with others.
With her sharp intellect and dedication to her studies, Sara has become a valuable resource for Alice and Bob, who often turn to her for guidance and advice on their own academic pursuits. Beyond her academic achievements, Sara is known for her warm and welcoming personality, always ready with a smile and a kind word for those around her.

Dr. Patricia Evans

Dr. Patricia Evans is an astrophysicist whose research focuses on studying galaxies and their evolution in the universe. Her work involves analyzing a wide range of properties of galaxies, including their masses, velocities, distances, morphological properties, integrated properties, spectra, images, chemical abundances, ages, supermassive black holes, mergers, and the formation of galaxies. She uses a variety of observational and theoretical methods to investigate these phenomena, including imaging surveys, spectroscopy, computer simulations, and theoretical modeling. Dr. Evans is particularly interested in understanding the complex interplay between the different physical processes that drive galaxy evolution, such as gas accretion, star formation, and feedback from supernovae and active galactic nuclei. Her work has important implications for our understanding of the origins and evolution of the universe, as well as for studies of dark matter and dark energy.