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In addition to our collection of science items for kids, we are thrilled to present the first lines of our book “Adventure in Science” on our website.

This exciting book takes young readers on a journey through the world of science with engaging characters and thrilling adventures.

Join Alice and Bob as they uncover the mysteries of the universe and explore cutting-edge scientific concepts. With engaging storytelling, “Adventure in Science” is sure to spark curiosity and inspire a love of science in readers of all ages.
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        Alice and Bob are two brilliant young students with a passion for science and a thirst for adventure.
Despite their young age, they have been accepted into an exclusive undergraduate program for gifted students, where they continue to develop their skills and knowledge in a range of scientific disciplines.

One day, while working on a project in the lab, Alice and Bob receive a mysterious message on their computer screen. The message is encrypted and appears to be from an unknown source. Intrigued, they decide to investigate further, using their skills and knowledge of science to uncover the truth behind the message.

As they delve deeper into their investigation, they soon realize that they have stumbled upon a much larger conspiracy that threatens not only their own safety, but the entire world. With the help of Ms. Chen, Mr. Maxwell, and a team of scientists and agents, Alice and Bob must race against time to unravel the mystery and save the day.

Their journey takes them on a wild ride through the worlds of quantum physics, electromagnetism, nuclear energy, and more, as they encounter danger at every turn.
Can Alice and Bob use their scientific knowledge and quick thinking to overcome the odds and save the world from disaster? Only time will tell.

       Alice, Bob and Sara were sitting in the school library. They were discussing their physics homework and their upcoming project to present in class. The library is a spacious and modern building, filled with natural light that enters through the large windows lining the walls.
The place was quiet, with only the rustle of turning pages and occasional hushed whispers breaking the silence.
The shelves were filled with books on a wide variety of topics, ranging from science and technology to literature and history.

“I’m so excited about this project,” Alice said. “Fermions are so interesting. They have all sorts of strange properties, like spin and charge.”
Bob nodded in agreement and said: “And they obey Pauli’s exclusion principle, which means that two fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state. That’s why they are responsible for the structure of matter as we know it.”
“Exactly. I think it will be a great presentation. We can talk about the different types of fermions, like electrons, protons, and neutrons, and how they interact with each other to form atoms,” Alice smiled.

At that moment Sara arrived, “What are you two talking about?” she said.

“Hi Sara! We talk about Fermions!” Said Alice, “Do you know something about it?”
“Nope!… well, I heard about them, but…” She didn’t finish talking when Alice said smiling: “Don’t worry, you can learn something next week during the class!”
“That’s great!” Sara answered smiling.

“Hey Sara, how far are you with your research on black holes?” inquired Bob.
“I’m still working on it. I’ve been studying the behavior of matter as it approaches the event horizon.” She sighed in an exasperated tone.
“That sounds interesting,” said excited Bob, “have you found anything new?”
“Well, I’ve been reading some recent papers on the subject and have some new ideas to explore.” She said nodding.
“That’s great, Sara!” said Alice, “I can’t wait to hear more about your research. It’s so fascinating how black holes can warp space and time.”
“Thanks, Alice. It’s definitely a challenging area of study, but I’m enjoying every moment of it.”

“I’m sure of that.” Bob nodded, then pulled out a notebook and began jotting down ideas.
“Alice, we can also talk about some of the real-world applications of fermions, like how they are used in quantum computing and nuclear energy.”
Alice nodded. “And we can explain how the properties of fermions can be used to solve real-world problems, like designing new materials and medicines.”
“Physics is so great and fascinating!” Said Sara.
Bob closed the notebook and smiled. “It’s going to be great. I can’t wait to share our knowledge of fermions with the rest of the class.”
Alice returned the smile. “Me too. I think this will be our best project yet.”
They were about to get up when suddenly, a notification appeared on their phone screen. It was a message from an unknown user.
Alice read the message out loud “Security breach detected. All systems are at risk.”
“What the hell is this?” Bob said, looking around.
A murmur arose in the library, with some people standing up to try to figure out what was happening.
The same message had appeared on all computer and phone screens.
“Oh my god!” Alice exclaimed, “Let’s go back to the lab, quickly!”
Everyone gathered their belongings, books, computers, pads, and ran towards their classrooms and labs.
There was great confusion in the corridors.
While running, Alice, Bob and Sara met Dr. Chen, and together they reached the basement where the campus servers were located. The first thing they did was to isolate the servers. Then they started the control procedure to check for any tampering.
Codes scrolled across the screens, but there were no error signals. They spent a couple of really stressful hours, checked that no downloads had been activated, and reviewed all security devices.
Dr. Chen was exhausted and angry.
“They should have listened to me!” she exclaimed. “We have new beta test security systems, and I think it’s time to activate them!”
Alice looked at her surprised and exclaimed: “Are you referring to quantum cryptography?”
Dr. Chen didn’t answer.
She was typing nervously, then slammed her fist on the desk and exclaimed: “Exactly!”

                                                                 * * *
At this point, Dr. Chen decides to activate the testing equipment, “No! Calm down,” she said, “take a breath… let’s wait the answer from our agents… this will take some time.” she said.

While waiting Dr. Chen explained to the students the operation of this machine that requires the use of quantum computers.
“This is a highly advanced machine capable of performing complex calculations and encryption at unprecedented speeds,” said Dr. Chen.
“It uses the principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition and entanglement, to manipulate qubits – quantum bits – to perform calculations.” The students followed her carefully.
Then she continued, “In the exchange of a secure message, the model assumes that Alice and Bob are the two people involved.” but Alice interrupted her, “Please, no!” she said rolling her eyes.

“The process starts with you, Alice, sending Bob a stream of photons in one direction, representing a single bit of data. However, before the message is initiated, the photons pass through a polarizer, which filters out certain photons with the same vibrations and allows others to pass through with a changed state of vibration. The polarizations of the photons could be vertical, horizontal, 45 degrees right, or 45 degrees left, representing either a 0 or 1 bit.”
“After passing through the polarizer, the photons travel to the receiver… you,” pointing to Bob who smiled. “…through an optical fiber.”
“A beam splitter reads the polarization of each photon.” She continued “Bob does not know the correct polarization of the photons, so he chooses one at random. Alice compares Bob’s polarization choice with her own, and then informs Bob of the polarizer she used for each photon. Bob confirms if he used the correct polarizer. The key is composed of the remaining sequence after discarding the photons read with the wrong splitter. I know it’s a little complicated… anyway” she continued,
“If an eavesdropper, Sara, tries to listen in, she has the same tools as Bob but cannot confirm the polarizer type used for each photon. Therefore, Sara cannot correctly render the final key. Alice and Bob would also detect Sara’s eavesdropping as it would change the photon positions they expect to see.”
She took a break, than concluded, “The computer is housed in a specialized structure with advanced cooling systems to maintain a stable environment for delicate quantum components. The interface, as you can see, is a simple keyboard and a screen that can be adjusted to display the calculation outputs.”
“But how many people have access to this computer?” asked Bob.
“Currently, in addition to me, there is Dr. Kimura and Dr. Okada,” said Dr. Chen, then continued, “The quantum computer is essential for cyber agents to perform their tasks efficiently and stay one step ahead of potential cyber attackers. The security agents have already tested their stations and are ready to begin the research.”
Dr. Chen and the three students were continuing their discussion when a new message appeared on the screen of the quantum computer.
“The test phase is over, Dr. Chen. We’re waiting for you guys at the pub to celebrate the first data transmission,” it read.
Everyone started laughing.
                                                   * * *
The next day, Dr. Chen invited Alice, Sara and Bob to visit the research laboratory at the local university.

“We’re going to see our creation now,” said Dr. Chen. They passed through several corridors until they arrived at an elevator. The entrance was protected by an iris scanner and a code. Inside the elevator there were no buttons to press, only a sequence of cameras and a speaker that activated.
“Good morning, Dr. Chen. Who are these three guys?”
“Good morning, Hal,” replied the doctor, “they are my best students who will be part of the QD team. Please activate the authorization procedure, please.” Hal asked the students to stand still for a few seconds, then spoke, “Procedure completed, thank you Alice, Sara and Bob, welcome to the hell!”
 Dr. Chen rolled her eyes.“Shut up! Hal.”  

The elevator began to descend and stopped after a few seconds. The door opened, and they found themselves in a narrow corridor. At the end, they entered a locker room and put on suits to avoid contaminating the inside of the lab. Then they entered another room, isolated by glass, from which they could see the large laboratory.

Some technicians were working, and one of them approached the door to greet the newcomers.
When they entered the laboratory, the three students were amazed by the high-tech equipment and futuristic environment. They saw huge machines with flashing lights, rows of computers, and even a giant laser.
Dr. Chen told them that there was more to explain.
“As you know, currently these machines use optical fiber to transmit data, so there are limits to the distances, although it is possible to install nodes for long distances, but all of this, apart from the high costs, is subject to risks and errors… our machine uses another system which I cannot currently explain. You can think of a transmitter that fires photons information in a fraction of a second, and the reception happens instantaneously.”
“Entanglement!” the three students exclaimed.
Dr. Chen nodded, “Well… yes and no, kind of…”

                                                                                  * * *

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